Archerfield Funding - Getting Started

Before we get started, below is a list of items you will need to upload at the end of the online application process or email them separately to

be sure you have all items listed
Today, 11/18/2019
All items listed below are required. If you do not have a scanner available, you can simply take pictures of each item with your cell phone and upload the picture at the end of the online loan application process.
  • Copy of work ID
  • Copy of major credit or debit card listed on the application
  • Voided check, most recent bank statement or bank letter. Your name and complete account # must be printed, no handwritten or temporary checks will be accepted. You cannot use another person's checking or savings account to qualify for this loan
  • Utility bill
  • Two most recent paycheck stubs

Also, we need to verify you are human and not one of those internet robots that go around filling out forms on web sites with bogus information.
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